About us

We are a private family-type nursery, which is located in a nice and quiet environment where we take care of children aged 1,5 to 5 with love and pleasure.

Our daily program, education as well as communication with children is led in Slovak language and English language with qualified teachers.

The educational activities focus on implementing English language and we prefer individual approach and the overall development of child´s personality: encourage the development of knowledge, skills, self and social habits and also the positive ethos. We teach children how to get on with other children, to welfare and mutual understanding.

The educational activities and pastoral care are brought to children in Slovak language by a Slovak teacher so the children are able to meet the requiremets of our School Educational Program in accordance with  National Curriculum SR ISCED 0- Preschool Education.

Why Jaja Baby Care?

-        outstanding service and environment

-        all day (10hours) child care

-        expertise in teaching, the teachers are well- experienced

-        bilingual teaching in Slovak and English languages with qualified teachers

-        overall development of  children´s personality

-        multi-functional educational resources

-        various activities supporting Physical Education

-        healthy nutrition

-        high standards of hygiene

-        all day child care 12 months a year

-        admissions all year round