Educational pocess- Activities

According to the latest researches, the best time to start learning a foreign language is between the first and second year of the life. Young children have a natural ability to learn  languages. They are motivated to learn without any concious effort. They have ability to reproduce and pronounce words and they come to conclusions about language rules by themselves.

Children can absorb a lot of information quickly and effectively. We support children in building a solid base in a foreign language which they find beneficial especially when starting a primary school.

Activities from Monday to Friday:

  • - learning activities (everyday objects- colours, shapes, groups…)
  • - literacy and drama activities (reading and playing role plays about fairy tales and children poems )
  • - music and movement games (children zumba, exercises with a fit ball, dancing, singing and playing the musical Instruments)
  • - workshops (working with a variety of materials- gluing, cutting, modeling, drawing…)
  • - calendar (birthdays, name days and special days in a week

How does teaching in English work?

  • - a natural and joyful way of learning English from an infant age
  • - we teach using methods supporting the child´s creativity and the development of the child´s personality
  • - our teachers are highly qualified and they love working with children
  • - we use high quality educational resources (DVD, CD, books, pictures, flash cards…)
  • - we have a special Educational plan for young children
  • - we help children to create a positive attitude towards English language with  remarkable results